About Loz Mcc

Who we are and what we do

The League of Zeal Motorcycle Club, Derbyshire,  is a family based club. We consist of like minded people who enjoy riding motorcycles and partying,  all to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity.

The club started in November 2014 and has gone from strength to strength, being given Derbyshire status in 2017. Club member numbers are limited but families are included in nearly all aspects of club life.

Attending other clubs rallies and functions, going on rides out as well as staging our own annual “Old Goats Grumble” music and beer festival and “Grumble Run” keeps everyone busy.

The Grumble festival and subsequent Grumble run ride out are the main charity money making events. We also hold a fashion show and live rock nights throughout the year. All profits from these events go to the Teenage Cancer Trust with who the club has developed a close relationship.

We are proud to say we have raised over £43,000 to date.